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Selecting The Correct Spindle Mount  For Your Application

Short Taper Spindles
For the short taper spindle noses Type A, D and C (DIN) measure the pilot diameter and length, bolt circle diameter and diameter of the holes.  In the case of an A type mount check the number of bolt circles (one for A2 and two for A1).  All chucks with a1 mount can be installed on a-1 spindle nose only.
All chucks with A2 mount can be installed on A1 or A2 spindle noses.

Long Taper Spindles
For the long taper spindle noses (Type L), check the pilot diameter, length and thread size.
For the threaded spindle noses, check the thread diameter, number of threads per inch and length, pilot diameter and length, plus overall length.
Click here for detailed spindle dimension drawings

Selecting The Correct Type Of Chuck.
Scroll Type Manual Chuck (Manual Actuated Self-Centering - available in 2-jaw, 2-3 jaw, 3-jaw, 4-jaw, and 6-jaw models)
A manual type chuck is actuated by using a t-handle wrench inserted into the access holes on the outside diameter of the chuck.  When the t-handle wrench is inserted  into the actuating hole and turned clockwise it turns an internal scroll.  The actuation of the scroll in turn causes the jaws to move simultaneously with exactly the same amount of movement toward center.  If the t-wrench is turned counter clockwise the jaws move outward toward the outside of the chuck.  The manual chuck may be equipped with solid one piece jaws or 2 piece jaws with a removable top jaw.

Independent Jaw Chucks (Manual Actuated Not Self-Centering - available with 4-jaws)
An independent jaw chuck is designed with 4 jaws which may be moved independently of on another.  A t-handle wrench is used to actuate a screw on each jaw independently.  When the t-wrench in inserted into the end of a jaw screw and turned clockwise the jaw moves  to the center of the chuck.  These chucks may be used to center an irregular shaped work part or to position a work part off center by choice.   Independent chuck are available with solid one piece jaws or 2 piece jaws with a removable top jaw.

Combination Jaw Chucks (Manually actuated)
A combination chuck combines the scroll self-centering action of a scroll chuck with the independent jaw movement of an independent jaw chuck.  This chuck may be used as a scroll chuck and move all the jaws simultaneously or one jaw at a time.  Combination chucks are available with 2 piece jaws with a removable top jaw.

Spindle Data Sheet

3-Jaw Chucks

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